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The Air knocker series (direct impact type) are unique equipment in which the force of compressed air causes the piston to strike the hopper wall surface directly and energetically, which eliminate the adhesion or clogging of powder. In addition, this knocker is excellent in safety and economics because it can be used only by air supply, and it can be used safely for powder that has a characteristic to show adhesion when receiving the centrifugal force. While the indirect impact type strikes the mounted knocker base at a predetermined position, the air knocker is used in wider range of applications on your idea, such as striking the moving object and striking the target with the knocker itself moved. It is also used like the indirect impact type.


This product is used for the following applications:

  • Food factory: RKD is used to remove the chocolate from the mold in chocolate factory
  • Elimination of adhesion on wall surface in rotary drier
  • Removal of extra paint in powder paint
  • Prevention of adhesion on wall surface of workpiece for furnace, knocking off of weld spatter, prevention of adhesion on workpiece on mesh in drying furnace
  • Used for inscription
  • Used for telescope enforcement
  • Removal of water on base

Used in the following places: