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Overview of vibration feeder Vibration feeder is used mainly for conveyance of powder, such as quantitative supply and ejection of powder. Compact feeder is a vibration transport machine that transports workpieces by causing it to spring up and repeat falling, utilizing the electric vibration motor to give a vibration to the trough. This product is suitable for application such as supply to a meter utilizing the instantaneous stop that is a feature of resonance plate spring and the inspection line where workpieces are conveyed through scattering across the whole face of trough instead of workpieces flowing with their shape like mountain kept the same belt conveyor transportation. It is also suitable for the application as a relay machine between the container and belt conveyor, which takes advantage of such a scattering characteristic. Because the conveyance capability can be adjusted by controlling the vibration frequency by the inverter, which allows the conveyance amount necessary for on-site lines to be adjusted freely.


This product is used for the following applications:

  • Installation to the conveyor line in the iron and steel and nonferrous metal factory
  • Transportation of salt in salt factory

Used in the following places: