Damper Actuator is a motor-operated rotary actuator in which speed reducer, motor, limit switches, overload switches, opening transmitter and manual handling mechanism are united. Damper Actuator can operate the damper or valve by remote control under the bad conditions such as high place, high temperature and much dust. Widely used in iron & steel, cement, non-ferrous metal and electric power plants with its feature of easy maintenance and high reliability.



  • Necessary limit switches for all models are normally equipped (4 contacts for opening & closing, 4 contacts for opening and closing overload) 
  • Can select control types for every torque class. 
    • 4 ON-OFF contact function 
    • Current transmitter
    • Mounted potentiometer
    • Synchro transmitter
  • Provide AC200V & AC400V motor.(Standard: class E insulation) Also able to provide AC380V & AC460V voltage
  • External command control possible by selecting inverter control model
  • Every model has a manual handle so it is possible to operate during a blackout
  • Drive lever, mounting base, control box available as option