Dust Monitor continuously measures for 24 h the dust in exhaust gas at the secondary side of a dust collector or the like and outputs the alarm signal at the abnormal condition and monitors the relative variation of dust amount with an analog signal. It detects the triboelectric charge of dust hitting the sensor probe and make outputs relative to the dust amount. Dust Monitor can be easily mounted on the existing facility to facilitate environmental management.



  • Nine monitoring levels of dust concentration & detects solid particles with diameters from 0.3 m to 100 m. 
  • Requires no additional equipment such as an air purge and cooling system (Max process temperature: 250˚C) 
  • Easily adjust concentration monitoring levels with a digital display for viewing (standard).
  • Requires only periodic cleaning of the probe for maintenance. (Approximately every three months under normal operation conditions.)
  • Speedy and accurate service including calibration support.