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ECORON Hose is a pressure resistant hose for pressure feeding with polyolefin resin inner surface.

As it is made of non-PVC resin, it is less affected by eluate on the fluid, and is used for food, cosmetics and medicines.

In addition to hoses, various dedicated couplings are available for higher safety and productivity.

*For indoor use only 

Use Transport hose for various food products, chemicals, solvents, oil, etc.
Fluid Water (Non-drinkable), Pure-Water, Powders, Oils (Mineral), Oils (Animal and Vegetables), Food (Including Fats), Drinkable-Water, Chemicals, Air
Function Chemical Resistant 


Low Elusion 

Low Odor 

No Waste Sorting Required 

Oil Resistant (Animal and Vegetables) 

Oil Resistant (Mineral) 



Food Compliancy no. 201
Food Compliancy no. 52
RoHS2 Compliant


Primary Material: Polyolefin
Materials: Polyester thread
Diameter: 6mm~50mm
Temperature Range: -5℃ ~60℃ 
Indoor Use Only


  • Advantages

    • The inner surface of the hose is made of a polyolefin resin with excellent chemical resistance and long service life
    • Toxic gases such as dioxins are not generated even when burned, making it environmentally friendly
    • The hose produces little eluate into the fluid, eliminating the concern for contamination
    • Worry-free, without the typical odor of vinyl chloride.
    • Highly transparent and provides security in fluid verification.
    • Can also be used for food-related applications
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