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Made of special polyurethane resin for pressure resistance in air pressure feeds, the HITRUN Hose

It is lightweight, oil resistant, flexible, supple and the hose surface slides well. It was developed to eliminate problems such as the hose getting caught on things and to improve workability. Ideal for pneumatic tools such as impact wrenches, air drivers, nail guns and spray guns.


When using HITRUN hose with an inner diameter of 6 or 8 mm, use only the genuine Toyox RAKURAKU JOINT coupling.Toyox cannot guarantee performance with other couplings, which may result in the outer cover becoming torn, leaks or disconnections.


Use For factory equipment hoses and air tools such as impact wrenches, air screwdrivers and spray guns
Fluid Air
Function Cold Resistant 


High Pressure Resistant 

No Waste Sorting Required 


Certifications RoHS2 Compliant

Primary Material: Special Polyruethane
Materials: Polyester thread
Diameter: 6.3mm~13.7mm
Temperature Range: -20℃ ~60℃ 


  • Advantages

    • Lightweight, flexible and pliant to improve handling and work.
    • The surface of the hose is smooth, for easy work without catching.
    • The hose is pliable, which prevents snapping.
    • Superior oil resistance compared to hoses made of rubber or PVC.
    • Resistant to cracks or being hardened by oil. Long service life.
    • Superior resistance to cold for improved work performance even in winter without getting stiff.
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