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TOYOFUSSO E Hose is a pressure resistant hose for pressure feeding whose inner surface is made of tetrafluoride fluororesin (modified ETFE) and outer surface is coated with polyurethane resin. It has a conductive band built in the innermost layer to prevent static electricity. Utilizing properties such as chemical resistance, non-elution, non-adhesion, and low odor, it is used as a hose for equipment piping for chemicals, medications, cosmetics, foods, semiconductors, etc.

TOYOFUSSO- E Hose was developed for customer needs such as preventing charging and discharging troubles when using chemicals and solvents and requiring a hose softer than fluorine tubes.

In addition to hoses, various dedicated couplings are available for higher safety and productivity.


Use Transport hose for various food, chemicals, solvents, cosmetics, oil, etc.
Fluid Water (Non-drinkable), Solvents, Pure-Water, Powders, Oils (Mineral), Oils (Animal and Vegetables), Food (Including Fats), Drinkable-Water, Chemicals, Air

Anti Static 

Chemical Resistant 

Cold Resistant 

Heat Resistant 

Low Elusion 

Low Odor 

No Waste Sorting Required 


Oil Resistant (Animal and Vegetables) 

Oil Resistant (Mineral) 




Food Compliancy no. 201
Food Compliancy no. 52
FDA Compliant
RoHS2 Compliant


Primary Material: Tetrafluoride Based Fluorine Resin
Materials: Polyester thread
Diameter: 12mm~25mm
Temperature Range: -20℃ ~80℃ 


  • Advantages

    • Has excellent chemical and solvent resistance due to its tetrafluororesin inner tube and can be applied to wide uses
    • With a highly conductive carbon band, there is no danger of static electricity, making it ideal for transporting solvents and powders
    • Softer and easier to handle than single-layer fluorine tube thanks to its integrated laminated structure
    • Has excellent non-adhesion / water repellency inner lining (water repellent angle 96℃), which improves fluid transportation efficiency and facilitates cleaning as fluid is hard to remain inside.
    • With tetrafluororesin (modified ETFE) on the inner surface, the TOYOFUSSO Hose does not absorb food odors.
    • Taste/Odor Retention Measurement Test (Toyox Specifications Test)
    • Highly transparent and provides security in fluid verification.
    • Has high heat resistance of 80℃ and wider usage range than ordinary PVC hoses
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