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Made of soft vinyl chloride for pressure resistance in pressure feeds, the TOYOSIGNAL Hose provides higher pressure resistance than conventional hoses, particularly for use as air lines in plants. 
A multi-purpose hose that can be used stably for a wide range of fluids such as water, air, oil and chemicals.

In addition to hoses, various dedicated couplings are available for higher safety and productivity.


Use For factory equipment hoses and various equipment
Fluid Water (Non-drinkable), Powders, Oils (Mineral), Oils (Animal and Vegetables), Chemicals, Air
Function Flexible 

High Pressure Resistant 

No Waste Sorting Required 


Certifications RoHS2 Compliant

Primary Material: Vinyl
Materials: Polyester thread
Diameter: 9mm~25mm
Temperature Range: -5℃ ~60℃ 


  • Advantages

    • It boasts the pressure resistance 1.5 times that of ordinary pressure resistant hoses, enabling use in a wide range
    • Helps achieve piping with ample pressure
    • Supports all sizes of 1.0 MPa for easy maintenance
    • The transparent lines make it possible to verify the fluid inside and check for twisting when installing.
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