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TOYOSILICONE THERMO 140 Hose is a heat resistant hose for pressure feed made of silicone rubber.
A heat resistant hose that has the heat resistance of 140℃ and can be used in hot water over 100℃. It is used for various heat resistant applications including piping for temperature controllers for hot water.

TOYOSILICONE THERMO 140 Hose has a special structure that prevents hose rupture and disconnection when using high-temperature fluids, and does not easily harden and has a longer life compared to PVC and rubber hoses, thus improving safety and productivity.

*It is not for use with food products.


Use Heat-resistant and temperature regulator hoses
Fluid Water (Non-drinkable), Powders, Oils (Animal and Vegetables), Chemicals , Air
Function Chemical Resistant 

Cold Resistant 


Heat Resistant 

Low Elusion 

Low Odor 

No Waste Sorting Required 

Oil Resistant (Animal and Vegetables) 


Certifications RoHS2 Compliant

Primary Material: Silicon
Materials: Polyester thread
Diameter: 9.5mm~25.4mm
Temperature Range: -30℃ ~140℃ 
Steam(under 130℃ for a short time)
Animal Oil(under 70℃)


  • Advantages

    • Can be used with high temperature water up to 140℃. Suitable for piping of temperature controllers, etc.
    • Can be used as flexible transport hose even at -30℃
    • With a long use life, reduces production problems due to hose hardening and deterioration caused by heat. Dedicated fastening couplings 3 meters in length are also available for temperature regulators.
    • Has good pressure-resistant performance due to its special thread cast-off prevention structure, can prevent trouble around couplings and promotes safety and security.
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